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photo of Selena Flannery

A former Bio student, I have been transitioning into web (and eventually software) development. I have been really enjoying JS, and am looking forward to diving into Python in the next month. Other than programming, I am passionate about theater, music, and environmentalism.

photo of Sawako Ishida

I love learning programming, and I would like to be a professional web developer who can code frontend and backend stuff! I love dogs as much as coding!

photo of Amy Leek

A web developer recently out of HP, where I worked on the China web store and the support site. Currently working to modernize my skills and rejoin the industry. Outside of work, I enjoy video games, knitting, and spinning my own yarn.

photo of Willie Richardson

Currently an aspiring software developer. I have done just about everything from interpreting Spanish to working as a backpacking guide.

The Hoof-It Development team is a student team from CodeFellows, based in the SLU neighborhood of Seattle.

This project is open source -- Feel free to check out our work!

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